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What is visual storytelling?

Visual storytelling is a form of communication that takes place through the use of visual media. It is a method often used in content marketing to tell a brand’s story. The story may be told using still photography, illustration or video, and can be enhanced with graphics, music, voice and other audio.

Why using visual storytelling?

Visual storytelling is a tool to increase brand awareness, drive traffic and generate sales. Customers are able to connect with a brand or company on a deeper level when they are engaged in visual storytelling. This method creates an opportunity to capture the attention of a target audience by using simple and easy-to-follow visuals that complement the main message being shared.

My story

Hello! I’m Pablo Ruiz, a photographer and videographer based in London, UK.

I studied Media Communications at the University of Málaga (Spain) and one year at the Faculty of Arts of Nijmegen (The Netherlands). After one year and half working in TV, I decided to move to London following the idea of living abroad again and getting new personal and professional experiences.

I have always loved photography, and later on videography. It all started when I was a child, as a way to keep memories, but later it developed into the idea of expressing myself and transmit emotions through images, videos and the process of editing. I realised then how powerful photography and videography can be and that I could use my skills to tell interesting stories about people’s lives and work and have a positive impact in others and the planet. So that’s my purpose.

And just so you know a bit more about myself here are my core values:

1. Freedom/Respect

2. Sustainability

3. Commitment

4. Minimalism

5. Creativity

6. Consciousness



01. Videography
03. editing

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